The site is about 10 Km from Naples or 20 from Pompeii. It is undoubtedly the most Impressive archaelogical site in the iwhole Campania region. Guided tours last about approx. 3 hours and they include the visit of the most beautiful villas, the most important public buildings, the extraordinary thermal-baths etc.

Out of the 20 hectars, which was the originally extension of the ancient town, less than a third has been brought to light so far.
The visit of Herculaneum can be combined with any other exursion available in our region , such as: Vesuvius – Archaelogical museum etc


Buried along with Pompeii by the eruption of mount Vesuivus in the 79 A.D.
The city was covered with mud and lava flows. Pyroclastic materials that having solidified, have created several layers of a solid tufaceous rock, reaching in some areas an height of 20 meters or more. The whole intact wooden-structures, still visible, of what used to be sumptuous dwellings as well as their expensive furnishings and decorations make Herculaneum a place unique in the world.